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EMPATHY CAMPAIGN BY DISH NETWORK Dish Network constantly seeks ways to stand out from the competition. With this in mind, the satellite system operator launched an “empathy” ad campaign early this month. Dish knows its target market. The pay TV…Continue Reading →

Cloud DVR Coming to Sling TV

CLOUD DVR COMING TO SLING TV Sling TV, Dish Network’s semi-independent internet video streaming platform, took the TV industry by storm when it debuted last year. For the first time, a major player in the pay TV industry was offering…Continue Reading →


HOPPERGO FREE UNTIL DECEMBER 11 The holiday season is perfect for celebration, family gatherings– and aggressive sales promotions. Almost every major retailer is offering something free or at discount. Dish Network doesn’t want to be left behind. It has launched…Continue Reading →

Kids Channels added to Sling TV

KIDS CHANNELS ADDED TO SLING TV Sling TV wants your children. Dish Network’s streaming video platform announced two weeks ago that it will carry an on-demand channel to reach parents seeking child-friendly entertainment for their offspring. Titled Sling Kids, the…Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Gets Sling TV

WINDOWS 10 GETS SLING TV Sling TV, Dish Network’s internet video streaming platform, has expanded its reach almost continually since its launch. The range of devices that will accept it continues to grow. Add computers with Windows 10, Microsoft’s newest…Continue Reading →