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LG Smart TV Streams Sling TV

LG SMART TV STREAMS SLING TV Dish Network’s semi-independent internet video streaming platform isn’t slowing down in in its efforts to extend its market footprint. Sling TV said last Wednesday that its video service now streams directly to LG’s web-enabled TV sets….Continue Reading →

Time Warner Bought by AT&T

TIME WARNER BOUGHT BY AT&T Large corporations seldom make such important decisions quickly. They announce potential mergers and buyouts months in advance. Last week, though, we witnessed a rare exception. Late in the week, the TV industry press was abuzz…Continue Reading →


FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET FROM AT&T Extending the Company’s Reach AT&T is seeking new ways to bring internet service to America. The footprint for AT&T’s wireline internet infrastructure is massive, but it’s not infinite. Millions of potential customers are beyond its…Continue Reading →

City Broadband Cut Back

CITY BROADBAND CUT BACK For years, some city governments have been frustrated by the slow pace of broadband development for their citizens. They believe that internet service providers have been too slow to build high-speed networks, and that competing ISPs…Continue Reading →

Levi’s Google Jacket

LEVI’S GOOGLE JACKET The internet is invading everything. Soon it will even be in the clothes you wear. On Friday, Google announced that its Advanced Technology and Projects group has formed a partnership with Levi Strauss and Company. Their common purpose…Continue Reading →

Spectrum Guide by Charter

SPECTRUM GUIDE BY CHARTER Charter Communications believes in its Spectrum Guide. The cable system operator is expanding the reach of the cloud-based TV user interface. On Thursday, April 28, Charter announced that it now offers the interface to customers in…Continue Reading →