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Archive for January 2016

Netflix: Look Out For AT&T

NETFLIX: LOOK OUT FOR AT&T AT&T, the second-largest wireless service in America, wants to be involved in virtually every aspect of your life. It already handles pay TV, wireless phone and data, wired internet, and home automation services. It will…Continue Reading →

Sling TV Antenna Discounts

SLING TV ANTENNA DISCOUNTS Last year, Dish Network launched a semi-independent internet video streaming platform. Called Sling TV, the spinoff company attracted heavy┬ácoverage in the technical press, and its subscriber base grew rapidly. It hasn’t released any subscription figures since…Continue Reading →

AT&T Links TV with Home Security

AT&T LINKS TV WITH HOME SECURITY Can you you monitor your home security equipment with your TV remote? AT&T, the world’s oldest and largest telecom, ┬ásays you can. Following its recent buyout of DirecTV, the largest satellite TV provider in…Continue Reading →