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DISH Offers Free Preview of Outdoor Channel

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DISH Offers Free Preview of Outdoor Channel

If you are a close follower of outdoor activity and adventure, you may take interest in Dish Network’s latest promotion. Until the end of April, DISH will allow free previews of the Outdoor Channel.

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The channel is currently listed as #396 in the DISH channel guide, and is included in its Outdoor Package along with the Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network, and Outside TV. This package is available with the satellite system’s Top 200 and Top 250 standard packages, or for a small premium for subscribers to the basic Top 120 package.

The Outdoor Channel calls itself “America’s Leader in Outdoor TV”. The channel carries programming about hunting, fishing, shooting sports, off-road motorsports, outdoor adventure, and “western lifestyles”. It features such popular shows as Duck Dynasty, Flying Wild Alaska, and Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild.

Jim Liberatore, the President and CEO of the Outdoor Sportsman Group, said, “This year’s free DISH preview is especially exciting. In the free preview window beginning on April 1, Outdoor Channel will introduce a new original series, The Brigade: Race to the Hudson, which we believe viewers will gravitate to immediately.”

The sponsors of this new series are Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. The show is about a group of ten strangers who try to retrace the roughest portions of the legendary York Factory Express trade route. The participants must cover 750 miles including five river systems, two mountain ranges, whitewater rapids, and frozen terrain to reach the trading post on the ice-ridden shore of Hudson Bay, Manitoba within 28 days. They must do so by hiking, kayaking, and portaging without GPS or motorized transport, and with extremely limited supplies. They will face danger of starvation, freezing, and attack by wild animals. If they succeed, they will share a prize of $500,000.

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