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Archive for August 2016

AirTV Local Stations with Sling TV

AirTV Local Stations with Sling TV Sling TV will soon offer local stations via an over-the-air antenna. So says Dave Zatz, who operates a consumer electronics website: Zatz says he became curious about the possibility last year, when he…Continue Reading →

City Broadband Cut Back

CITY BROADBAND CUT BACK For years, some city governments have been frustrated by the slow pace of broadband development for their citizens. They believe that internet service providers have been too slow to build high-speed networks, and that competing ISPs…Continue Reading →

Echostar Exits Home Security

ECHOSTAR EXITS HOME SECURITY…  Dish Network’s corporate cousin is undergoing an overhaul. Echostar, the Dish spinoff that operates the satellite fleet beaming its TV and internet signals, and that manufactures its TV receivers, has begun dropping product lines and corporate…Continue Reading →

Rio Olympics 8K Broadcast

RIO OLYMPICS BROADCAST IN 8K TV resolution standards are advancing with breakneck speed. New frontiers in picture and sound quality are even exceeding the ability of broadcasters and manufacturers to adapt. Only a few of the newer TV sets can…Continue Reading →