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Archive for April 2016

Spectrum Guide by Charter

SPECTRUM GUIDE BY CHARTER Charter Communications believes in its Spectrum Guide. The cable system operator is expanding the reach of the cloud-based TV user interface. On Thursday, April 28, Charter announced that it now offers the interface to customers in…Continue Reading →

‘Air TV’ Box from Sling TV

AIR TV BOX FROM SLING TV Last year, Dish Network unveiled Sling TV, its dedicated internet video streaming service. The new platform quickly added new channels. Shortly after launch, its basic package grew from seventeen to twenty-three channels, and Sling…Continue Reading →

4K Netflix on Hopper 3

4K NETFLIX ON HOPPER 3  When Dish Network launched the Hopper 3 early this year, the new receiver did not create nearly the media sensation that the original Hopper did. This doesn’t make the Hopper 3 insignificant, though. It offers…Continue Reading →