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Archive for October 2015


IP TV TEST BY TWC IN NYC Time Warner Cable,  like most cable and satellite TV providers, wants to attract young consumers accustomed to watching video on mobile devices. Unlike their elders, many of the young are unfamiliar with the subscription…Continue Reading →

Streaming Video from Charter

STREAMING VIDEO FROM CHARTER To borrow a line from Jimmy Durante: “Everybody’s gettin’ inta da act!” Dish Network’s February  launch of Sling TV demonstrated the consumer appeal of an internet-only video streaming platform. And if imitation is the sincerest form…Continue Reading →

Mobile Devices Surge in Video Market

The young, it has often been observed, love their mobile electronic devices. This love is a powerful force in the entertainment market. Primarily because of heavy tablet and smart phone use by millennials and other young consumers, half of all online video starts will be on…Continue Reading →

Chromecast Adds Sling TV

CHROMECAST ADDS SLING TV It was one of the unlikeliest corporate agreements imaginable. On Tuesday, September 29, Sling TV announced that it will support Google’s Chromecast devices. Sling TV is the brainchild of Dish Network. Launched by the satellite system…Continue Reading →