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Dish Fiber for Apartment Buildings

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Dish Fiber for Apartment Buildings

If you haven’t heard of Dish Fiber, this will change. If you own or manage an apartment complex, an assisted living center, or a motel, it may be the TV and internet system for you.

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For years, Dish Network proclaimed its intent to become one of America’s leading broadband providers. For years, it seemed to do almost nothing to advance this goal. But this may have changed with the first installations of Dish Fiber, a high-speed internet system for Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU: apartment complexes, assisted living centers, hospitals,and motels).

DISH unveiled the system in the summer of 2019. At first, it made slow progress, reaching only a few dozen MDUs in the first two months. Since then, its growth has accelerated greatly, . 

How does Dish Fiber work?

The system entails installation of a single dish per MDU building, with fiber-optic lines extended to each unit. No resident needs a separate dish for his unit.

DISH says the system will deliver speeds of up to a full gigabit per second (1 GB/S), which is comparable to the fastest speeds offered by most wireline cable systems. In addition, the service includes up to 24 live TV channels chosen by the property manager. Live channels include the alphabet commercial broadcast networks plus Disney and ESPN.

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The system offers additional benefits. For each building, Dish provides a SmartBox, which can transmit up to 96 HD channels to each unit. Residents in connected MDUs, then, can upgrade their video equipment and programming at steep discounts from the customary rates.

And you needn’t worry about steep unexpected rate increases. With every Dish Fiber installation, DISH offers a two year price guarantee.

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