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Foul Weather Discounts From AT&T and Verizon

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Foul Weather Discounts from AT&T and Verizon

You adapt to foul weather the best way you can. I adapt as well as I can. We all do as much as we’re able.

Survival can be more difficult, though, if severe winter weather disrupts broadband service. Furthermore, isolation and interruption of commerce leave us with heavier financial burdens. Knowing what many of us have suffered from the latest round of Siberian weather, therefore, some carriers offer fiscal relief.

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AT&T and Verizon, two of the nation’s largest wireless carriers, have done doing their bit to brighten our outlook. Both carriers offer free or discounted services in areas affected by the latest storm. Both carriers have also monitored their networks closely for disruptions caused by foul weather.

The storm, code-named Uri, hammered Texas with special ferocity. Wide areas of the state suffered electricity, cellular, and internet outages.

How has AT&T responded in foul weather?

AT&T acted quickly. And she explained herself with refreshing candor. The carrier admitted widespread service disruptions for wireless and wireline customers. This included both commercial and residential accounts.

AT&T then said she would waive overage charges for 2416 Texas zip codes. These waivers cover February 17 to February 21. The carrier also dispatched power generators and SatCOLTs. The latter are satellite cell sites on light trucks.

In many cases, backup batteries and generators kept AT&T networks powered.

One day after the blizzard arrived, Ma Bell said her Texas networks were at “99% of normal”. A full 84% of AT&T sites were up one day after peak impact.

How has Verizon responded?

Verizon also tries to help. In some areas, the carrier offered unlimited talk, text, and data from February 16-20. This offer covers counties in Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Verizon deployed backup generators, switching centers, and redundant fiber rings for cell sites. The carrier gave top service priority to emergency personnel.

The carrier shut its retail stores, or reduced their hours, in affected areas.

To help afflicted communities further, Verizon has donated 250,000 to Texas food banks.

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