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Netflix 4K on Hopper

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Dish Network’s Hopper is the most advanced cable or satellite TV receiver on the market. And since releasing it in 2012, DISH has repeatedly upgraded it. This week, the satellite TV system announced that the Hopper will stream the Netflix 4K video library in multiple rooms.

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In April, DISH offered Netflix 4K video with its latest model, the Hopper 3. This model enables the transfer of DISH programming to mobile devices, so they can be played even where no internet connections are available.

Now Netflix 4K will be available on the Joey. The Joey is a client device that carries Hopper functions into additional rooms.

Do you have multiple 4K-capable TV sets? If you do, you can use the system to screen 4K or Ultra HD in multiple rooms. The Hopper 3 supports up to six Joeys, so you can stream 4K video to as many as seven TV screens at once.

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For 4K or UHD content, you’ll need a download speed of at least 25 megabits per second (25 MB/S).

On DISH devices, you can find the Netflix 4K function through the HOME or APP button on your remote. You’ll select theĀ Netflix icon. You can also find it on the ‘jump’ channel (channel 370) in the on-screen programming guide. 4K titles will be labeled ‘4K’ or ‘UHD’.

Niraj Desai, Dish Network’s VP of product management, spoke about the expanded 4K capability. “Netflix is leading the industry with one of the largest 4K libraries available”, he said. “Our customers love watching their favorite TV shows and movies in Ultra HD on the Hopper 3, so we’re extending the app to our 4K Joey clients to deliver the added flexibility of of a whole-home Netflix 4K experience.”


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