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Mediacom Extends ‘Gigasphere’

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Mediacom is ambitious. It wants to offer gigabit-speed internet service everywhere it operates. To this end, it just extended its DOCSIS 3.1 system to three more states: Delaware, Michigan, and Maryland. Mediacom calls the high-speed network ‘Gigasphere’.


With this latest move, ‘Gigasphere’ availability reaches 85% of the cable firm’s marketing area. It involves at least 27 additional communities.¬†All told, the company offers the 1 GB/S platform in 1,250 communities. It has a potential reach of over three million homes and businesses.

Mediacom has said that it wants to extend the high-speed platform to all 22 states it serves by the end of the year. And where it offers ‘Gigasphere’, the cable system will also offer a 500 MB/S tier.

For residential customers, ‘Gigasphere’ service will cost $139.99 per month for 1 GB/S downstream and 50 MB/S upstream. The data cap will be a full terabyte. This is the highest data cap available from any provider. Such a massive allotment enables extensive interactive gaming, heavy video streaming, and other data-hungry applications for multiple users.

What is DOCSIS 3.1?

Until recently, only fiber-optic networks could provide gigabit-speed internet service. AT&T and Google were the pioneers in the ultra-high-speed market, having spent lavishly on fiber networks. Standard cable systems couldn’t keep up. Their copper-wire cable networks couldn’t handle the extreme data speeds. To compete with Google and the fiber-optic telecoms, the cable systems would have to replace their cable lines, which would be hideously expensive.

With DOCSIS 3.1, though, cable systems found a way to move data at high speed over existing coaxial cable. They’d have to provide upgraded modems to customers, add termination systems at central locations, and install some fiber-optic lines to their nodes. This, though, costs much less than replacing entire networks of cable lines.

What is Mediacom?

Mediacom is the ninth-largest pay TV provider in the U.S. Most of its markets are in the Midwest and the Southeast.

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