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Do you get tired of looking for your remote control? Do you sometimes forget which button to press for which function? Would you prefer simply to speak to your TV set- and expect it to obey you? Dish Network says it has what you need. For a limited time, the satellite system operator is offering a free Echo Dot with any qualifying new subscription.

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What is the Echo Dot?

The Echo Dot, recently released by Amazon, is a voice-controlled device operating on Amazon’s Alexa artificial intelligence (A I) app. A I, or machine learning, is the ability of computers to learn from experience. As the A I system adds to its database, it more easily discerns the meaning of commands- and even its owner’s tastes. You can say to the Echo Dot, “Alexa, find House of Cards“, and it will know that you mean a certain TV show. It will find the proper channel and begin playing the video.

You’ll enjoy hands-free control of the Hopper and other DISH receivers. You’ll never have to look for your remote control again.

Amazon charges $49.99 for the Echo Dot, but qualifying new Dish Network customers will get it free.

What makes this TV service exceptional?

Almost from its inception, Dish Network has led the TV industry in technology. In 1999, DISH was the first TV system to release an HDTV tuner. Also in 1999, DISH offered the first DVR packaged with cable or satellite TV service. In 2003, DISH was the first satellite TV system to offer local stations in all fifty states. The following year, DISH offered America’s first picture-in-picture (PIP) application for the Olympic Games, enabling the viewer can watch multiple channels at once on a single screen. In 2011, DISH released the Tailgater, an integrated dish/antenna designed for travel, so you could watch TV away from home. In 2012, DISH released the Hopper, an advanced whole-home HD DVR with the Auto-Hop feature. With Auto-Hop, you can skip the ads for an entire prime time lineup automatically, without ever having to press the ‘fast forward’ button. The latest version, the Hopper 3, enables transfer of DISH programming to mobile devices.

Wired magazine called the Hopper 3 “the most ludicrously powerful cable box ever”.

DISH still seeks to lead the industry in innovation, and it will always offer the some of the best tools available for home video.

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