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FCC Approves New Broadcast TV Standards On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission endorsed next generation TV broadcast specs. By a 3-2 vote, the FCC agreed to support ATSC 3.0, which some supporters say will enable radical innovation in video entertainment….Continue Reading →

Netflix 4K on Hopper

NETFLIX 4K ON MULTIROOM HOPPER SYSTEM Dish Network’s Hopper is the most advanced cable or satellite TV receiver on the market. And since releasing it in 2012, DISH has repeatedly upgraded it. This week, the satellite TV system announced that…Continue Reading →

Music on Joey and Hopper

Music on Joey and Hopper Of all cable and satellite TV systems, Dish Network is probably the most committed to innovation. DISH continually seeks to upgrade its equipment, and its Hopper-Joey combination is the most advanced DVR on the market….Continue Reading →