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AT&T Launches an Emergency Blimp

AT&T Launches an Emergency Blimp In the aftermath of natural disaster or mass terror, emergency personnel need reliable phone and internet service. Unfortunately, such incidents often bring critical damage to communication networks. Where cable or fiber networks are disrupted, how…Continue Reading →

Mediacom Extends ‘Gigasphere’

MEDIACOM EXTENDS ‘GIGASPHERE’ Mediacom is ambitious. It wants to offer gigabit-speed internet service everywhere it operates. To this end, it just extended its DOCSIS 3.1 system to three more states: Delaware, Michigan, and Maryland. Mediacom calls the high-speed network ‘Gigasphere’….Continue Reading →


FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET FROM AT&T Extending the Company’s Reach AT&T is seeking new ways to bring internet service to America. The footprint for AT&T’s wireline internet infrastructure is massive, but it’s not infinite. Millions of potential customers are beyond its…Continue Reading →

City Broadband Cut Back

CITY BROADBAND CUT BACK For years, some city governments have been frustrated by the slow pace of broadband development for their citizens. They believe that internet service providers have been too slow to build high-speed networks, and that competing ISPs…Continue Reading →


Amazon Pays for Your Video If you like shooting video, this may be for you. On May 10, the world’s largest online retailer opened a new streaming video platform. Called Amazon Video Direct, it will enable users to upload video…Continue Reading →