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Rural Broadband Access

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Why Do You Have So Few Choices?

If you live in a densely populated urban area, you probably have several options for high speed internet. Very likely, a cable or fiber-optic connection will meet your needs. But what can you do if you live in a rural area? Your options are sharply limited. Cable and fiber systems seldom build their networks out much beyond their urban cores. DSL is available in most areas, but is usually much too slow to be considered true broadband. It seldom is enough to support video streaming or most business uses. Satellite internet service is available everywhere in the continental U.S., but also is usually too slow for most applications.

One Truly Practical Option

For rural or exurban dwellers, the best option may be HughesNet. It is a satellite system, but far better than others. HughesNet frequently upgrades its satellite fleet, which means higher capacity and faster data speeds for you. HughesNet, in fact, is the only satellite system that consistently delivers broadband speeds (as defined by the FCC).

HughesNet distinguishes itself in one other measure. It has been independently rated first among broadband providers for consistency in reaching advertised speeds. That’s among ALL broadband providers, including cable and fiber.

For new customers, HughesNet offers 10 GB of data per month for $49.99, and 50 GB for just $99.99 per month for the first year. The 50 GB rate reflects a $30.00 discount for the first year. Find out more here:

HughesNet Data Plan Features

All HughesNet service plans include the following features:

  • Built-in WiFi
  • 25 megabits per second (25 MB/S) download speed nationwide, 3 MB/S upload speed
  • No hard data limits
  • Extra features such as the Video Data Saver

 The Video Data Saver automatically adjusts video streams to use less data. Its default setting is 480p (DVD quality). If you want to watch HD video, you can opt out of the Data Saver temporarily. You can also “snooze” the feature for four hours at a time.


HughesNet is not for everyone. Though it’s available nationwide, apartment dwellers may face difficulty getting it. Landlords often refuse to allow satellite dishes on their buildings.

Because the signal comes from a satellite 22,500 miles up, it takes half a second to complete a round trip. The time lag is called “latency”. This makes HughesNet impractical for interactive multiplayer video games or other functions that require low latency.


For most people living in rural or lightly populated suburban areas, HughesNet is the most practical broadband option- and an outstanding value.


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