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Emergency Backup Internet for Business

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Emergency Backup Internet for Business

If you own or manage a business, you know a reliable internet connection can be vital to your success. You face serious trouble if you can’t communicate with customers or staff. But in event of an internet or power outage, what can you do? Should you have an emergency backup system?

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For these concerns, Charter Communications says it has an answer. In all 41 states where the firm operates, it offers wireless internet backup for its business customers. The backup, an optional add-on, costs a mere $20.00 per month.

Charter geared the emergency system chiefly for small and medium-sized businesses.

How does a backup internet system work?

In case of a broadband or power outage, the system automatically activates a redundant 4G LTE connection. It comes with unlimited data and no overage fees.

The regular business web service offered by Charter relies on wireline (cable or fiber) networks. Wireline systems offer high speed, but can fail in case of power outages. But the LTE system will continue to function normally, since it doesn’t depend on direct lines to the premises.

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The need for emergency internet backup may now be more obvious than ever before. The Covid-19 outbreak has devastated many businesses. With strict shelter-in-place orders in force, many have been unable to open their doors, and have had to abandon face-to-face contact. How, then, can they communicate?

Under such conditions, reliable internet service proves all the more critical.

Beside its business services, Charter offers a full range of internet and video services for homes. Most are under the Spectrum brand.

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