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Skyboxe Hub Approved by Feds

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Skyboxe Hub Approved by Feds

Combined Video Receiver, Modem, and WiFi Router

The Federal Communications Commission just approved an interesting new fixed wireless device. Called Skyboxe, the device combines a pay TV box, a WiFi router, and a modem. Until now, getting all of these functions required at least three devices.


Hub Preloaded with Sling TV App

Skyboxe says it will release the new device sometime this fall. It has dubbed the product officially as the Skyboxe Hub 4G. It incorporates a 4G LTE access point, an Android TV-based receiver, an 802.11sc WiFi router, and an ATSC 1.0 tuner for bringing in local broadcast channels. The Android receiver comes pre-loaded with several apps, including Sling TV.

Skyboxe released a data sheet stating that the hub can process data at speeds exceeding 1 gigabit per second (1 GB/S). This is far more speed than most 4G LTE networks can deliver.

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Though having designed the hub to function under current 4G LTE network standards, Skyboxe says it’s “paving the way” for fixed 5G wireless in the near future. Cable systems now control nearly 70% of the fixed wireless market. But some wireless carriers, in promoting 5G, will tell prospective customers there’s no need to pay for both wireless and wireline service.

Bill Smith, Skyboxe’s head of marketing, emphasized his company’s independence from any particular internet or video service. “Having the functionality of an access point, WiFi router, TV tuner, and apps-based platform in a single device that isn’t tied to any one carrier”, Smith said, “is what we expect is going to differentiate us.”

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