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Too Timid to Try TriLink?

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Too Timid to Try TriLink?

Of course you’re not. You have no reason to be. If you want full 4G LTE internet access while away from home, TriLink Internet may provide exactly what you need.

And we proudly carry it.

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TriLink first reached the consumer market last January, and it has made an impressive debut. TL serves any location in the U S of A that receives a reasonably strong cell phone signal.

What makes TriLink different?

TL differs from every other wireless internet system we’ve ever heard of. The critical difference lies in the VSIM, a mobile hotspot independent of any carrier. Other hotspots, as you know, feature SIM cards issued by carriers. A T-Mobile hotspot, therefore, will receive only T-Mobile signals; a Verizon hotspot will receive only Verizon signals, etc. Without subscribing with a particular carrier, you can’t get wireless service.

The VSIM, by contrast, receives signals from any carrier. As you move about the country, the VSIM will seek, and lock onto, the strongest signal available in your location, regardless of what carrier transmits it. You won’t need a subscription with any incumbent carrier.

TriLink differs in other ways, too. TL does not require contracts. It does not require credit checks. It does not require long term commitments. Just order the VSIM and pay for the first month of service. Then, after the VSIM arrives, switch it on. It will connect to the internet automatically, and will activate the plan you chose at enrollment. Logging onto a wireless service has never been easier.

Discounts on bundles, plus free Roku!

In addition, you can get discounts for bundling TriLink Internet with Vidgo Video. And with all bundles, you can get a free Roku streaming device.

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You can get TL service by visiting or by calling 1-800-725-0183, or though Bundle Deals at 1-800-691-3089.

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