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Vidgo Video Viewing (Voraciously)

When Shane Cannon launched Vidgo TV in December 2019, he knew he was picking a fight with giants. Disney, Dish Network, AT&T, and Google had already entered the streaming video market. And they had carved it up like a Christmas ham.

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Still, Cannon believed he could offer a service unique enough to fend off the giants and claim a permanent home for his corporate brainchild. He had delayed his entry into the video market by more than three years. When he founded his TV service in 2016, with a marketing strategy similar to DirecTV Now’s and Sling TV’s, it wasn’t ready for live operation because it lacked enough content licenses.

What makes Vidgo TV different?

When it finally went live, Vidgo had the licenses and a shrewd business plan: avoiding head-to-head battles with the major players, appealing primarily to underserved markets. These include, but aren’t limited to, Latino markets. The platform carries a broad assortment of Spanish language channels.

Vidgo TV’s also appeals heavily to fans of college sports. The platform carries one of the widest arrays of regional sports networks available through any carrier. Only Vidgo carries all four major NCAA channels: Big Ten Network, Longhorn Network, Pac-12 Network, and SEC Network.

Vidgo differs from most steaming platforms by offering live TV only. Unlike most other streaming services, it does not allow recording of its content, though it does offer some video-on-demand titles through its TV Everywhere feature.

Vidgo distinguishes itself further by offering prepaid service. The customer pays for one month upon enrollment, and can cancel his subscription at any time before the next payment falls due. The carrier also offers a free three-day trial before the paid subscription begins.

The Vidgo TV Plus service, with 80 channels, costs $55.00 per month. The Core service, with 63 channels, cost $45.00 per month. The platform also offers two Spanish language packages: Latino Mas (31 channels for $30.00 per month), and Latino (14 channels for $20.00 per month).

For a limited period, new customers will receive discounts of $5.00 per month for each package.

How can you get it?

Viewers can stream Vidgo TV on Amazon Fire TV; Android phones, tablets, and smart TV sets; Android phones and tablets; Apple TV, Apple phones and tablets; Roku streamers; and web browsers via laptops and PCs.

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