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50% HBO Max Discounts for Some AT&T Customers

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50% HBO Max Discounts for Some AT&T Customers

In every cloud, it’s been said, there’s a silver lining. We don’t know if this is true in every case, but it is true for AT&T customers who had HBO Max with Amazon Prime Video before Amazon ejected it. For such customers, AT&T offers a full year of 50% discounts on HBO Max.

How to stream HBO Max - The Verge

On Wednesday, Amazon Prime Video said that it would no longer carry HBO Max. It would, though, provide pro-rated refunds for customers who had signed up for the $15.00 per month package. HBO then responded by offering its own discounts to Amazon Prime customers.

What the 50% Discounts Mean

Though AT&T usually charges $14.99 per month, it will charge only $7.49 per month for customers who once had it through Amazon Prime. These charges apply to the ad-free version. An ad-supported version costs about a third less.

Last November, CNBC reported that Amazon wanted the eventual departure of HBO from Amazon Prime as a condition for carrying it on Amazon Fire TV devices. AT&T, in turn, wants more control over customer service, interfaces, and billing.

HBO Max currently has about 68 million global subscribers.

The Eminence of HBO Max

HBO Max has long enjoyed immense popularity. It has produced some of the most popular exclusive shows in TV history, including Game of Thrones and a current hit, Succession. With the package, AT&T is attempting to compete head-to-head with the giants of video streaming: Disney and Netflix. Disney has 104 million subscribers worldwide; Netflix has 209 million.

Andy Forssell serves as general manager for HBO Max. Last month, he told Bloomberg about the importance of eliminating the middleman, and establishing a more direct relationship with customers. “It’s important for us to own the customer”, Forssell said. “If the viewer is in the app, we can tailor the home page to them. We can tailor what the show them next. We can respond to that in real time.”

At any rate, if you had been getting HBO through Amazon Prime video, you can get HBO Max at a 50% discount through AT&T. For this purpose, call Bundle Deals. We can help.

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