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Facebook’s Metaverse: The Matrix Cometh

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Facebook’s Metaverse: The Matrix Cometh

Before long, Mark Zuckerberg will own all of us. It’s his world, and he’ll expect us to show appropriate gratitude that he allows us to live in it. Consider, for example, his latest brain bubble: the Metaverse.

A few days ago, Zuckerberg outlined a plan to insinuate his chief corporate baby, Facebook, even deeper into our lives. You may be thinking, “But it has colonized almost every aspect of our lives already! What could it possibly have left out?” Oh, but what Facebook has already done is a small fraction of what Zuckerberg wants it to do. You have hardly any idea of how intrusive the social medium could become.

Is the Metaverse benign?

Zuckerberg calls his latest innovation “the Metaverse”, and he plans to invest colossal amounts of time and capital on it. “It’s the future we are working towards”, the Facebook CEO said. “It’s a virtual environment where you can be present with people in a digital space- an embodied internet that you can be inside of.”

Think about that last phrase: an embodied internet that you can be inside of. You won’t merely visit the internet. Nor will you merely search it for information or entertainment. You will actually live in it.

Zuckerberg called this project “the ultimate expression of social technology.” And he has “dreamed of building (it) since way before I started Facebook.” It will be “the next generation of the internet and the next chapter for us as a company.” He said further that the project will change your life so much, you’ll stop seeing Facebook as merely a social medium. It will become your environment.

Is this a scheme to sell hardware?

Some critics see the project a a scheme to sell hardware. Facebook owns Oculus, which manufactures virtual reality and augmented reality gear, and FB is working with Luxottica and Ray-Ban to market A R glasses. However, Zuckerberg insists the Metaverse is not an attempt to sell expensive gear at huge markups. Instead, its chief purpose will be maintaining an immersive social network.

Zuckerberg says users can connect to the Metaverse through all devices and apps, regardless of provider. We can do with it everything we do with the internet now, “…as well as some things that don’t make sense on the internet today, like dancing.”

Zuckerberg wants you to sense “that you are really there with someone else.”

“An embodied internet that you can be inside of?” Dancing? Sensing that “you’re really there with someone else?” We can conclude from this that Facebook want us to to spend every waking moment online.

Facebook’s Metaverse promises- or threatens- to bring us the daily life featured in The Matrix, a 1999 science fiction movie. But where will we find any red pills?

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