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Solving Common WiFi Problems

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Solving Common WiFi Problems

You can obtain WiFi access in many places lacking wireline internet service. The convenience, though, may come at a price. Connections can be intermittent or slow. Some users forget their passwords. Some devices may report that you have a connection when you don’t. Your house may have dead zones. As frustrating as these problems may be, though, solving them may require no more than light detective work. So let’s get started:

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#1: Your Device Won’t Connect to the Network:

Several causes could keep your device from connecting. The signal might be weak. Your device might be awaiting a pending software update. Your provider might think you haven’t paid your bill.

If you can’t connect to your network, then, you may need a few steps to isolate the obstacle. First check your login credentials. If everything seems to match, but you still can’t connect, check to make sure your caps lock is off. More often than not, this is the source of the problem.

If your credentials are in order, but you still can’t connect, make sure your device’s WiFi Mode is on. Tap the WiFi icon (a column of three curved waves) if it’s not.

In case none of this is solving the problem, see if your router is online.

If all else fails, turn off your device, then turn it on again. This is a cliche in the IT industry, but it actually works most of the time.

One in a while the difficulty is a bug, and you may need to update your operating system.

Sometimes the WiFi network is down, and you can’t connect until your provider repairs the glitch at the network level.

#2: You Forgot Your Password

You can solve this problem easily if you’re connecting to WiFi via a Mac or Windows computer, or an Android or Chrome device.

In Windows, look for the list of known networks. Find yours. From there, go to Wireless Properties in the popup menu. Hit the Security tab, then Network Security. You’ll find your password there.

In Android or Google, open Settings. From there, find Network and Internet. Then hit the Internet tab and select your WiFi network. Hit the Share button to confirm your identity.

For a Mac device, open the Keychain Access app, then hit the Passwords tab.

#3: Your House Has Dead Zones

In this case, odd interior design or thick walls might be your problem. Solving it could require installing signal boosters or Ethernet with a mesh network. This might entail hard work.

#4: Your WiFi Is Too Slow

First, find out if your provider is delivering what it promised. Conduct a speed test; Ookla is the most respected platform for doing so. If your results fall short of what your ISP promised, give it a call.

Other measures may help: changing the channel, updating router software, or simply moving objects that might block your router’s signal.

#5: Your Device Tells You It’s Connected, but You’re Still Offline

First, check the antenna icon on your device. If it blinks on and off, or if it’s red or yellow- any color except green-then you’re unconnected.

Sometimes this could indicate a problem with your account. Your ISP may have cancelled your service for non-payment or violation of terms of service. If you believe the cancellation was unjustified, call your ISP to resolve the matter.

It’s possible your ISP may have planned a temporary service interruption in your area, and you didn’t receive notice. In this case, check your ISP’s social media account or call it to identify the problem- and find out when you can expect restoration of service.

Sometimes your neighborhood or your building could be suffering an outage. Again, a bit of detective work can tell you where the problem lies.


These are the most important means we can think of for solving a problem with WiFi. If you’ll diagnose the failure properly, and follow the suggested measures, you’ll probably eliminate the problems.

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