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Do You Need a Vertical TV Screen?

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Do You Need a Vertical Screen TV?

Do you need a TV set with a vertical screen? Years ago, we would have scoffed at such a question. But with most amateur videos uploaded to social media shot in vertical (or ‘portrait’) mode, and with many of us, especially the younger, have grown accustomed to watching video on tablet or phone screens, the market may be ripe for such a TV set.

The Sero, Samsung’s new vertical TV screen

Enter the Sero

And so, with this in mind, Samsung unveiled the Sero on April 29. The Sero is a full-sized TV set that rotates from horizontal to vertical format, so we can watch TV in the same way we watch Instagram or Snapchat videos on our phones. This new TV set is an obvious pitch for the attention of millennials who can scarcely tear their eyes away from their mobile devices. As Samsung apparently sees it, these millennials are more likely to adopt full-size screens if they’re in the most familiar format.

The viewer can even sync the Sero with an IOS or Android phone. The TV set will then mirror the phone display.

The Sero also features an ‘ambient’ mode for display of the user’s art, photos, or clock faces.

In addition, the Sero TV sports a 43 inch (diagonal) OLED screen, 4.1 channel 60 watt speakers, a far-field microphone for use with Bixby, Samsung’s smart assistant, and a slanted base that slides up and down.

For now, Samsung offers the Sero only in South Korea, for a retail price equal to about $1600.00 U.S. But the firm has not revealed a date for release of the Sero in the American market.

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