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DISH Unveils AirTV Mini & Wireless Network

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DISH Unveils AirTV Mini & Wireless Network

Some corporations know how to throw a party. The largest satellite TV system in America certainly does, as exemplified by its Team Summit in Phoenix last month. TEAM SUMMIT is Dish Network’s big annual coming out party; there the company reveals its plans for new products and services. For this year’s conference, DISH unveiled the AirTV Mini, a new wireless network, and combining the Hopper HD-DVR with the Google Assistant.

We’ve summarized a few of the more important revelations here:

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Downtown Phoenix
  • AirTV Mini: The original AirTV Player is a streaming video player. It has an over-the-air (OTA) antenna for reception of local broadcast TV stations. The AirTV Player combines local TV reception with access to streaming video services such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and YouTube Red- all through the same interface. The new AirTV Mini is a full 4K Android TV Player. DISH will release it within two weeks, and suggests a retail price of $79.99.
  • AirTV 2: Despite the similarity of names, the AirTV 2 differs greatly from the AirTV Mini. The AirTV 2 is a dual-tuner OTA Slingbox. It enables the user to watch his own local TV stations anywhere, even hundreds of miles away from home, via smart phone or tablet; and it combines Sling TV with local stations in the same channel guide. DVR functions will require an optional USB drive. DISH plans to release the AirTV 2 sometime in July, for a price it hasn’t yet disclosed.
  • Google Assistant for Hopper: The Hopper is Dish Network’s whole home HD-DVR. It sports no less than 16 tuners, so you could watch one show while recording fifteen others. Now, for the first time, it comes equipped with Google Assistant, for voice control and automation.
  • OTA Signal Meter: Though meant for DISH technicians, the OTA Signal Meter could prove useful to consumers, and the satellite system will be happy to sell you one if you want it. The meter communicates with smart phone apps and helps to aim OTA antennae more precisely.
  • Wireless Network: This is the biggest revelation of this year’s Team Summit. Charlie Ergen, the DISH CEO, has labored mightily for years to develop a wireless network, and has bet his company’s future on it. Now, he says, his efforts are paying off. Sometime next year, he says, DISH will deploy a nationwide wireless network that will surpass anything offered by T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T. Ergen insists that his company’s technology is superior to all rivals. Once the network is in place, DISH will license it for use by other internet service providers. more.

We will tell you more about the DISH new products and services when the satellite system reveals more.

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