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Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show: TV

Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show: TV This year, Las Vegas isn’t seeing as much joy as it has in previous years. Following the great Pox Pandemic Panic, nothing remains as it was. Virtually everything, with precious few exceptions, has undergone…Continue Reading →

Skyboxe Hub Approved by Feds

The Federal Communications Commission just approved an interesting new fixed wireless device. Called Skyboxe, the device combines a pay TV box, a WiFi router, and a modem…

AirTV 2: DISH Unveils OTA DVR

AirTV 2: DISH Unveils Over-the-air DVR Of all pay TV providers, Dish Network may be the most energetic in technical innovation. It was the first with picture-in-picture, and the first with a whole-home HD DVR, the Hopper. This morning, DISH…Continue Reading →