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Home Services: Bundling Saves Money

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Home service technologies have advanced rapidly in in just a few years. Devices that were once the material of science fiction are now routine. With WiFi technology, you can control almost all appliances and electronic devices wirelessly and remotely. Streaming of TV shows to smart phones and laptop computers is commonplace.

With more options in bundled home services, it is all the more necessary to weigh needs and budgets carefully. What do you need? What do you want? How much are you prepared to spend?


What Do You Need?

Some people insist on having all of the latest gadgets, but this won’t suit you if you’re on a tight budget. In choosing your cable or satellite TV, internet, phone, or home security bundles, you may want to write a list of available services and features. Rank them in order of importance. If your finances are tight, then buy your top-ranked services first. In considering home security and home automation services, for example, you may decide that remote control of lights or appliances, though convenient, is not strictly necessary. In this case, leave it on your waiting list. You can add it later, as your financial position allows.

In choosing a cable or satellite TV service, you may be able to live without premium movie and sports channels. You have the option of adding them later if you want to.


Should You Install It Yourself?

With WiFi technology for connecting appliances and electronic devices wirelessly, self-installation of some internet and home automation systems is much easier than ever before. Installing a system yourself means avoiding the headaches that come with scheduling a professional installation and waiting for the technician to arrive. You avoid the risks that come with having a stranger in your home. You also avoid paying eighty to several hundred dollars in installation fees.

If your system is especially complex, though, professional installation may save you both time and money.


Bundling Services

By combining cable or satellite TV, broadband internet, phone, and home security services through a single provider, you can save hundreds of dollars per year. Bundle discounts can be as high as 40% of the price you’d pay by obtaining these services separately. With an independent online service such as Bundle Deals, you can compare competing providers. Then order any service with just one phone call.


Upgrading Your Equipment

Most bundle service providers offer the option of buying or leasing equipment. If you lease it find out if the provider offers free upgrades. If you can get free upgrades without increased monthly fees, then you may want to trade in your old equipment every year. If you have to pay the same lease fee anyway, you might as well have the most advanced equipment available.


Each household has its own interests, needs, and budget. By carefully evaluating what’s available, you can be confident that you’re getting the most out of technology, and the most for your money.

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