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Service Bundles: Saving Money

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Bundling your cable or satellite TV, internet, phone, and home security services through a single provider can save you hundreds of dollars per year. To get the most for your money, you need to know what’s available in your neighborhood. In most of the U.S., you can choose among several providers for each of these services, and most offer discounts if you combine two or more.

Before choosing a provider, carefully assess your budget and the ways you want to use your home services. For each category, think about the following:


Phone Service:   Though bundling can save you money, be sure to pay only for what you need. If you already have one or more phones, you might not benefit from adding phone service to your bundle.

Consider how your family uses the phone. A land line means having one phone that all of you can share, but it can bring conflicts in scheduling calls. Wireless phone service is more flexible, and usually offers more features, but it can cost much more.


Cable or Satellite TV:   In choosing a cable or satellite TV provider, be sure to compare features and channel packages, not just monthly fees. In some cases, you may want more than the standard packages, and you may be willing to pay extra for premium movie and sports channels. One provider may offer premium channels that another provider doesn’t offer.

Consider equipment upgrades as well. How much are you willing to spend for HD or DVR receivers, for video-on-demand, or for the ability to stream TV content to a mobile device? All of these options cost extra, but they can greatly enhance your viewing experience.


Internet:   In choosing an ISP, think about how your family uses the internet. If you will have only one or two devices connected at a time, and if you’re interested only in light web surfing, then two or three megabits per second (MB/S) may be enough speed for you. You may not need a high data cap, let alone an unlimited data plan.  If your family will have multiple devices connected at a time, if you frequently download videos or other large files, or if you operate an online business from home, then you will want much more speed and a much higher data allotment.

Some providers charge up front for modems, wireless routers, and other equipment. Some will add the equipment charges to your monthly service fees instead.


Home Security:   In choosing a home security service, first assess your family’s budget and security needs. You may not require all of the features offered in a deluxe package. If your budget is limited, first consider what is most critical for your family’s safety; then you can add features as your finances allow. You may want to consider remote control systems, so you can receive instant alerts any time a door or a window in your house is opened.


After assessing your household’s needs and budget, shop with Bundle Deals. Compare all providers and plans here, then order any service with just one phone call.