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Budget Stretching with Technology

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Efficiency in your home or office can save time and money. Fortunately, you have access to many effective tools. Recent advances in electronics and the internet can help you control your time and spending.

Online budget tools can be invaluable for identifying budget-busting habits. Sometimes we spend carelessly because we don’t track where our money is going. Many people, on seeing all of their monthly expenditures logged in one place, are surprised at how many unnecessary items they’ve talked themselves into buying, and how many they can do without. You can coordinate your spending with real time updates of your bank account balance. Online budget apps are available for laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones, so you can track your finances anywhere you have an active internet connection.

Some software packages, such as TurboTax, can simplify filing of income tax returns. Other online tools can help you track your investments.

Some people use online data and smart phone apps to monitor diet and exercise. Once they track their daily food intake, many are surprised at how many calories they take in. Online diet and exercise aids can help not only to improve physical fitness, but to limit spending on food.

A home automation system can save you money. By syncing online apps with sensors in the home, you can monitor your electricity and water usage, and easily identify waste or malfunctions. Over a year, this can save hundreds of dollars.

By combining home services such as cable or satellite TV, internet, phone, and home security, you can simplify billing and save up to 40% of the combined rate. Most providers offer steep discounts for packaging two or more of their services on one bill. Certain websites, Bundle Deals especially, can help you find the service bundles available where you live. You can compare providers side-by-side. You will know, then, which ones will best meet your needs.

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