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‘My Tech’ Customer Service App

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When you have a delivery, repair. or installation scheduled for your home, you don’t want to wait for hours wondering when the technician will arrive. Dish Network doesn’t want you to wait, either.

The satellite system operator knows that delivery and repair services in general need improvement. It wants to foster greater accountability in repair and installation appointments. The more you know, Dish believes, the more control you have over the process. To this end, the company has launched My Tech, a feature of, its customer support website. At, you can pay bills, track usage, and order pay-per-view and on-demand video. With My Tech, you can also track your technician’s location, estimated time of arrival, and appearance.

With the new app, you’ll receive two links on the day of any scheduled appointment. One will be an estimated 75 minute arrival window, with a map pinpointing the tech’s current location. An hour before his estimated arrival, you will receive his name and photo, along with a countdown and a tracker, so you will have a rough idea of his progress on his route.

Erik Carlson, Dish Network’s executive vice president of operations, said, “We recognize that people want control of their own time, and Dish’s My Tech tool helps them get on with their day without waiting for the TV guy. A minute-by-minute countdown and interactive map allow the customers to track their DISH technicians to determine when to leave work, or if they have the time to go to the store.”

Comcast, the nation’s largest cable system operator, launched a similar system last year. It did so only in a few markets, though, and has expanded its availability only gradually. The  My Tech app will be available nationwide almost immediately.

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