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Chromecast Adds Sling TV

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It was one of the unlikeliest corporate agreements imaginable. On Tuesday, September 29, Sling TV announced that it will support Google’s Chromecast devices.

Sling TV is the brainchild of Dish Network. Launched by the satellite system operator last March, Sling TV is an internet-only video streaming service which doesn’t require long term contracts, installation of proprietary equipment, or huge and expensive channel packages. You can get Sling TV’s basic 23-channel package for just $20.00 per month. For just $5.00 per month, your can add any of several premium packages to the core package.

Upon its launch, Sling TV was hailed by reviewers as a dramatically new form of multichannel pay TV. It could be especially practical for you if you can accept relatively small channel packages, and you don’t want to pay large monthly fees.You won’t need to have any equipment installed, or sign any contracts, and you can use the service on most mobile devices.

Chromecast is Google’s internet video streaming stick. It connects to the USB port in iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, Mac and PC desktop computers, and web-enabled TV sets. Google released its first Chromecast stick in June of 2013. In February 2014, Google released Google Cast SDK, by which third parties could adapt their software to work with Chromecast.

Since then, consumers have bought more than 20 million Chromecast devices.

The agreement between Google and Sling TV promises to be beneficial for both companies and for their customers.Google can sell more devices if they have access to this popular programming service, and Sling TV can reach more customers who watch video only on mobile devices. The Sling CEO, Roger Lynch, wrote on the company’s blog: “At launch, Sling TV on Chromecast will work with the gadgets you already own, including Android smart phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. We’re working on future compatibility for Windows and Macs.”

Earlier in the month, Lynch told that Sling TV was working on support for Chromecast. “That’s the one we intend to launch this year”, he said, though he didn’t mention a specific date then.

From its launch, Sling TV has been available on Android, iOS, Mac, PC and Roku media streaming devices. Since then, it has added Amazon Fire TV boxes, Fire tablets, Xbox One, and Android TV devices.

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