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Time Warner Bought by AT&T

TIME WARNER BOUGHT BY AT&T Large corporations seldom make such important decisions quickly. They announce potential mergers and buyouts months in advance. Last week, though, we witnessed a rare exception. Late in the week, the TV industry press was abuzz…Continue Reading →

DirecTV Now Streaming Platform

DIRECTV NOW STREAMING VIDEO PLATFORM FINALIZED AT&T Hints at New Streaming Platform  In March, several months before AT&T’s purchase of DirecTV was approved by the FCC, the telecom giant said that its satellite system subsidiary would offer DirecTV Now, a…Continue Reading →

City Broadband Cut Back

CITY BROADBAND CUT BACK For years, some city governments have been frustrated by the slow pace of broadband development for their citizens. They believe that internet service providers have been too slow to build high-speed networks, and that competing ISPs…Continue Reading →

Unlimited Data from AT&T

UNLIMITED DATA FROM AT&T Competition in the home internet market intensifies almost every passing month. AT&T is one of the first major internet service providers promising to lift data caps for certain subscribers. The telecom giant said it will launch…Continue Reading →