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Comcast May License XFinity Flex

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Comcast May License XFinity Flex

Comcast wants to get its advanced video products, including XFinity X1 and XFinity Flex, into as many homes as possible. To this end, it seeks partners.

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Comcast’s XFinity Flex Interface

For several months, Comcast has discussed licensing of its XFinity X1 platform to other video providers. These include Cox and Charter, themselves among the largest cable systems in America. Cox has agreed to do so. Charter is still considering it.

The three biggest Canadian cable systems, Rogers, Shaw, and Videotron, have also licensed X1.

Now Comcast says third parties have expressed interest in licensing of its XFinity Flex device, too. Rogers and Shaw have said they might license Flex. Charter has inquired about it.

What is XFinity Flex?

Flex is a cable box with a nearly universal interface. With Flex, you could customize and stream all your favorite video in one place. Everything comes into the TV set. Therefore, you won’t need multiple devices to stream video from different providers.

With Flex, you can stream more than 10,000 movies, open premium services such as HBO, Showtime, NetFlix, and Amazon Prime Video, and rent or buy on-demand content. And you can do all of this without changing apps and inputs. In addition, Flex is equipped with Voice Control.

Through the Flex interface, you can also open music apps, including IHeartRadio, XITE, and Pandora. Flex even pauses WiFi, handles parental controls in WiFi, and manages home security systems.

What do you have to do to get Flex?

Comcast offers XFinity Flex to all of its video or internet customers. The cable system had been charging $5.00 per month to lease the Flex, but now offers it free of charge to broadband customers.

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