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Windows 10 Gets Sling TV

WINDOWS 10 GETS SLING TV Sling TV, Dish Network’s internet video streaming platform, has expanded its reach almost continually since its launch. The range of devices that will accept it continues to grow. Add computers with Windows 10, Microsoft’s newest…Continue Reading →

ABC & Cinemax Now on Sling TV

ABC & CINEMAX NOW ON SLING TV Sling TV continues to expand its channel lineup. Barely one year old, Dish Network’s internet video streaming platform has grown quickly. At the beginning, Sling TV’s core package, called The Best of Live…Continue Reading →

Netflix: Look Out For AT&T

NETFLIX: LOOK OUT FOR AT&T AT&T, the second-largest wireless service in America, wants to be involved in virtually every aspect of your life. It already handles pay TV, wireless phone and data, wired internet, and home automation services. It will…Continue Reading →