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Will 5G Cell Service Ruin Your Health?

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Will 5G Cell Service Ruin Your Health?

We want to take a load off your mind. Whatever is going to kill you or harm your health, it’s not likely to be 5G wireless internet or phone service.

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The FCC Weighs In

Now, don’t you feel better already?

We have evidence. In a rule-making proposal issued last Thursday, the FCC said you don’t need to worry about radiation exposure from 5G signals for tablets and smart phones.

Why was 5G investigated as a possible health risk?

The FCC statement was meant to address widespread concerns that the millimeter waves emitted by some 5G networks will endanger humans. This concern has sparked investigations by the governments of Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

This worry stems in part from the number of cell towers necessary for millimeter wave networks. The high-frequency signal weakens dramatically over distance and can’t penetrate buildings. Because of this, adequate coverage for millimeter wave systems requires many times more cell towers than 4G LTE systems need. The 5G signals, then, will probably come from sources closer to you. And they’re likely to come from many more different directions. Theoretically, this could multiply your exposure to harmful radiation.

What did the investigation reveal?

The FCC has dismissed such concerns. In doing so, it cited a six-year review of the health effects of radio frequency exposure. Jeffrey Shuren, director of the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health, provided some of the most important data. Last November he wrote: “…the totality of the… evidence continues to not (sic) support adverse health effects… at or below current radiofrequency energy exposure limits. We believe the existing… limits for cellphones remain acceptable for protecting the public health.”

If that statement seems convoluted and hard to decipher, remember that its author is a bureaucrat. He’s expected to be obscure.

And we’ve excised about half of his statement for clarity. The original is much worse.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

So far as we can tell, Shuren was telling us not to worry about risks from 5G internet. So long as the RF energy level is at or below current legal thresholds for cell signals, it won’t harm us.

Citing Shuren’s statement and other data, an FCC official said about RF health effects, “There’s nothing special about 5G.” He added that current exposure guidelines will suit 5G regardless of the spectrum band used for it.

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