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AT&T Launches Fourth Streaming Platform

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AT&T Launches Fourth Streaming Platform

Some pay TV systems would think three streaming video platforms are sufficient. AT&T, though, isn’t just any pay TV system. Last week, America’s largest telecom announced that it will soon launch yet a fourth streaming service, to be called TV Now.

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AT&T already offers two streaming services, DirecTV Now and Watch TV, and is hard at work preparing for the debut of a third, HBO Max. Last Wednesday, though, in a second quarter earnings call with investors, the company said it wants to produce a fourth.

At first, AT&T said it wants to call the new platform “AT&T TV”, but said this morning that it will rename it “TV Now”.

What will the fourth streaming platform be like?

AT&T did not state why it sees a need for a fourth streaming network, nor did it reveal many technical details about it. Very likely, though, the telecom will frame the new video service as OTT (over the top) live TV similar in some respects to cable and satellite TV. Installation and use of the new AT&T stream, though, is likely to be far easier. According to CNET, a CBS tech website, AT&T will house the TV Now interface in Android devices, so customers can install and use it as easily as they would Roku or Apple TV. The viewer will open other content through apps.

AT&T has not revealed pricing or program packages for TV Now. The telecom did say, though, that it plans to begin consumer beta tests of the new platform by the end of this summer. If the tests go well, TV Now will reach nearly the entire continental U.S. before the end of the year.

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