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Cloud DVR with Sling TV

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Sling TV Extends Cloud DVR to More Devices

Since its inception, Sling TV has aggressively added functions and features. One of the most useful is the cloud DVR. Sling TV launched its digital DVR service months ago, and now it has extended it to a wide variety of new devices. These devices include Chromecast streaming devices, the Chrome browser, LG Smart TV sets, the XBox One gaming console, and 2016/ 2017 models of Samsung Smart TV sets.

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With this Cloud DVR service, the customer can record up to 50 hours of video before any of his previously recorded content will be erased. The storage term is unlimited, though, so the viewer needn’t fear that any of his recordings will ever expire.

With the cloud DVR function, the Sling TV customer will add $5.00 per month to his bill.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is Dish Network’s semi-independent internet video streaming platform. It does not require the conventional satellite dish, nor cable lines, nor any proprietary equipment, and it supports nearly every computer, Smart TV, or streaming device on the market. These supported devices include Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, the AirTV Player, Channel Master, Chromecast, Roku, iOS and Android tablets and phones, and Mac and PC computers.

Sling TV’s core channel package sells for a mere $20.00 per month. For $5.00 per month, you could add any of several optional news, entertainment, and sports packages.

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