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XFinity X1 Streams Sling TV

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XFinity X1 Platform (Comcast) Streams Sling TV International Channel Packages 

Some arrangements take time to develop. So it is with Comcast’s agreement to stream Sling TV international channels. Now, more than a year after announcing the deal, Comcast has begun to implement it. The Sling TV international channels are finally available on the cable system’s XFinity X1¬† receivers.

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Comcast offers the Sling TV app through a small number of X1 boxes now, and will offer it to all remaining eligible X1 customers within a few weeks. About 60% of the cable network’s TV customer base, or about 12.7 people, now have the advanced HD DVR systems.

Through the Sling TV app, Comcast subscribers with XFinity X1 systems will have access to at least 395 Sling TV international channels. The app offers programming in twenty-one languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Kannada, Malayalam, Mandarin, Marathi, Polish, Punjabi, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and Vietnamese. Sling TV is likely to add more in a few months.

Since the Sling TV app is streamed via the public internet, it counts against the data caps for Comcast internet customers.

For its streams, Sling TV will control customer relationships. Comcast customers who enroll via the X1 platform will be billed by Sling TV.

The XFinity X1 platform already offers 60 international channels.

The cable system offers several other internet video streaming services. These include iHeart Radio, Netflix, NPR, Pandora, and YouTube.

What is XFinity X1?

Comcast’s XFinity X1 system combines intelligent software with advanced HD DVR receivers. The X1 features voice remotes, intuitive on-screen guides, and 500 GB of storage capacity. X1 viewers have access to a huge video-on-demand library. The customer can even download X1 content to a mobile device and watch it away from home.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is the world’s first multichannel internet video streaming service. The platform does not require a cable network or satellite dish. If you’re a customer, you can open the Sling TV app simply by entering a four-digit code on your remote.

Sling TV will stream to almost any browser, iOS or Android tablet or phone, gaming console, web-enabled TV, or dedicated video streaming device. Contact us for a complete list.


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