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Broadcast Local Stations Added to DirecTV Now

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Local Broadcast Stations on DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now

AT&T’s semi-independent streaming video service is ready to offer local broadcast affiliate stations in 70% of U.S. homes. ┬áLast week, the telecom announced that its DirecTV Now division has signed licensing contracts with a number of FOX, ABC, and NBC stations.

AT&T said that the new licensing agreements double the number of local stations it carried at its launch in November 2016.

The newly added broadcast stations are expected to go live on DirecTV Now this week. Among the additions are NBC in four more markets, ABC in thirty more markets, and FOX in Juneau, Alaska. CBS is the only major broadcast network missing from the lineup , though customers can still bring in CBS through over-the-air antennae or the broadcaster’s own CBS All-Access streaming service.

AT&T says that it is not finished with adding local stations to DirecTV Now’s lineup. AT&T expects to triple the number of ABC, NBC, and FOX stations on the streaming platform by the end of August.


What DirecTV Now Offers

AT&T debuted DirecTV Now nationwide at the end of November, 2016. The new TV platform is an over-the-top (OTT) streaming video service.

OTT is audio or video transmission via internet, without a cable or satellite system controlling or distributing the content. Access to OTT content does not require a satellite dish, a cable box, or installation of any proprietary equipment. The customer can receive OTT content through many different computers, tablets, phones, and streaming boxes; and logs into the OTT app with a number code.

DirecTV Now offers more than sixty channels for just $35.00 per month. If you wish to enroll, you won’t need cable lines or a satellite dish, and you won’t have to sign a long term contract.

For a limited time, you can get DirecTV Now for just $10.00 per month with a qualifying AT&T Unlimited wireless plan.


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