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Enhanced Cloud DVR Support from Sling TV

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Dish Network’s semi-independent streaming video platform continually strives to stay ahead of its competitors. This afternoon, it raised the bar yet again. Sling TV announced that it has enhanced device and network support for the cloud DVR offered under its “First Look” program.


With the cloud DVR, the customer can now record programming on several FOX channels, including FX, National Geographic, FOX Sports 1, and local FOX affiliate stations. The only complication is with shows offered through FOX-On-Demand. For recording these shows, the viewer will be redirected to the video-on-demand version.

YouTube offers a cloud DVR with the same limitation. In YouTube’s version, though, the viewer can’t fast forward through ads on VOD streams. With Sling TV’s cloud DVR, he can.

Other cloud DVRs also limit the time a recording can be saved. Sony’s PlayStation Vue, for example, will not save any content for more than 28 days after its first airing.

In launching the cloud DVR service last year, Sling TV said that it would not support some channels, chiefly Disney and its affiliate networks. These include ABC and ESPN. Sling TV said, though, that it is working at featuring all channels on its cloud DVR, and expects to offer them “soon”.

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Sling TV said today that it has also enhanced its platform with a ‘protect’ feature and a DVR folder. The first enables the customer to maintain access to recorded content as long as he keeps his subscription. And the DVR folder simplifies organization of recordings.

Finally, Sling TV announced that it has enhanced its cloud DVR’s availability. Starting today, it will support XBox One gaming consoles. It already supports Amazon Fire TV boxes and tablets, Apple TV boxes, Android TV streaming devices, Android tablets and phones, Roku boxes, and Roku integrated TV sets. Sling TV said that it will offer Cloud DVR support for iOS tablets and phones, Windows 10, and the AirTV Player in “coming weeks”.

The Cloud DVR service adds just $5.00 per month to the Sling TV customer’s bill, and it provides up to 50 gigabytes of storage per month.


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