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4K Netflix on Hopper 3

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When Dish Network launched the Hopper 3 early this year, the new receiver did not create nearly the media sensation that the original Hopper did. This doesn’t make the Hopper 3 insignificant, though. It offers several important upgrades to an already impressive digital tool.

The Hopper is Dish Network’s revolutionary whole-home HD DVR. It differed from other cable and satellite TV receivers chiefly by the number of TVs it would support, and by the Auto-Hop feature. With Auto-Hop, the viewer could skip the commercials in an entire prime time channel lineup automatically. He would not have to press the fast forward button for each new ad.

The Hopper 3 has all of the features of the original Hopper, and more. The new box contains a whopping sixteen tuners. With the Hopper 3, the viewer can record up to sixteen shows at once, or can watch one show while recording fifteen others. The Hopper 3 also supports 4K video. As its name implies, 4k video has four times the resolution of conventional HD video, for a noticeably sharper picture.

Other features of the Hopper 3 include a Universal Search with Netflix, and a Sports Bar Mode. The latter is a multi-channel viewing function. It divides the screen into quadrants, each one able to display a different show in HD.

On Thursday, April 8, Dish Network released an upgrade to the Hopper 3. The latest upgrade enables viewing of Netflix video in 4K or Ultra HD. Netflix has been available via the Hopper 3 since February, but only in Standard Definition or conventional HD until last week. Shows available in the higher resolution standard include House of Cards, Daredevil, and Fuller House. Dish’s UHD or 4K library carries content from Sony, Mance Media, and the Orchard, among other sources.

Dish Network unveiled the Hopper 3 at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and released it to the consumer market in February.

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