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Local Now on Sling TV

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Sling TV, Dish Network’s semi-independent IP video streaming platform, continues to upgrade its service. On Friday, March 4, Sling TV announced that its Local Now service will be available through Roku devices.

Local Now, produced by The Weather Channel, is an ad-free channel covering local weather, news, traffic and sports– with frequent updates. Local Now content is relevant to 207 TV markets. Apart from The Weather Channel, Sling TV’s partners in the venture are INRIX, a mobile traffic app; SportRadar; TrafficLand; and the Associated Press, an international news service. Local Now is in Sling TV’s basic package, The Best of Live TV, which sells for $20.00 per month.

Sling TV describes Local Now as “localized content cycles on a short loop that’s updated in real time, so if you miss something, you can catch it again a few minutes later”. The localized content relevant to the subscriber is determined by his IP address.

Dave Schull, CEO of The Weather Channel, said of Local Now, “For the first time, your news is available instantly on demand– local news when you want it and where you are. The old television broadcast news model is outdated for the emerging world of OTT (over-the-air). We are proud to be part of Sling TV as they lead the charge.”

Besdie Roku devices, Local Now can be streamed on Mac and PC computers, the Chromecast device, Android tablets and smartphones, Android TV platforms including Google’s Nexus player, and Amazon Fire TV devices and Fire tablets. Sling TV said that the channel will soon be available through the other devices it supports, including Channel Master, ZTE, Xbox One, and iOS devices.

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