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After being very unhappy with my business internet and phone services, I switched to Verizon. Not only was the process easy,  but I got far more than I expected. Verizon worked with me to make the transition as easy and as seamless as possible, and did not charge a an enrollment fee. Since then, its customer service has been all I could ask for.

The internet service I have now is faster than what I had before, and I’m getting free storage and backup options that my previous web service didn’t offer. For Verizon’s best  bundled package, I got internet download speeds of up to 10-15 megabytes per second, and upload speeds of 1 megabytes per second. This works well for my business, in which up to 15 people may be using the internet at any one time, and it benefits the customers who shop at our online store.

I’m even saving money on fees. With the fastest business internet service I’ve ever had, I’m actually paying $30 less per month for the bundle (internet and phone) than I paid to my previous provider. Verizon’s best internet and phone bundle costs me only about $100 per month. This price even includes Verizon’s optional $5 security package, which protects all of my business devices: phones, tablets, and computers.

The optional Verizon small business internet security package protects all of the data on my business computers and mobile devices, blocking viruses, hackers, fake alerts, and online ads. It even provides loss prevention for all devices. If anyone on my staff loses a device, Verizon’s remote wipe, backup, restore, trace and locate options will help to locate it, block unauthorized access, and prevent data loss. I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that I maintain full control of my business data even if someone hacks or takes my business property. The Verizon internet security suite even enables monitoring of all employee internet use,  and I can customize the security settings with an interactive security dashboard.

If you need internet and phone services for a small business, I highly recommend the Verizon small business bundle.

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