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XFinity X1: Comcast’s Best Platform

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XFinity X1 platform is Comcast’s most advanced vehicle for HD video, digital phone, and broadband internet service. The X1 platform offers a TV service with more than 260 channels available, internet with download speeds of up to 150 megabits per second (150 MB/S), and phone service with unlimited nationwide calling and multiple free features.

With the XFinity X1 TV service, you get one of the most advanced HD-DVRs available anywhere. It will record up to four shows at once. With the touch of a button on your remote control, you can easily find the last nine channels you watched, and the X1 DVR will recommend new shows based on what you’ve watched already. You can choose from more than 115,000 video-on-demand titles, and 19,000 of them are available for streaming on mobile devices.

For a limited time, Comcast is offering a a free fifteen-channel HBO package for new qualifying customers.

XFinity X1 service can follow you if you move to another area served by Comcast. You can take your equipment with you, and Comcast will schedule installation in your new home, at the date and time window you choose.

The XFinity X1 internet service offers top download speeds of 6 MB/S to 150 MB/S.  The top tier of X1 web service is suitable for heavy streaming of video or other large files, multiplayer interactive games, and having several devices connected to the internet at once. X1 internet comes with the Constant Guard Protection Suite for online security, For additional protection against identity theft, you can get the Norton Security Suite at no extra charge for XFinity X1 customers. XFinity X1 internet service is nearly ideal for use on mobile devices. Comcast provides millions of WiFi hot spots nationwide.

With XFinity X1 Voice Unlimited, you can place unlimited nationwide phone calls. You can retrieve your messages anywhere, on any device, and have your messages converted to readable e-mail. If you like, have your calls forwarded from your home phone to a mobile device automatically.  You can even assign four additional numbers to WiFi-enabled devices. With the XFinity Connect app, you can take your home phone service with you wherever you go, and you can use your hone or your mobile device to check e-mail, listen to voice mail, or manage your calendar. All of this is in addition to the features you expect from home phone service: call waiting, automatic call-forwarding, and caller I D.

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