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Getting a Satellite TV System Installed

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We recommend that you investigate your options before getting a satellite TV system installed at your home. Bundle Deals is a good place to start. You can compare all providers serving your neighborhood, which will make it easier to find the plan that best meets your need and interests. Then you can order any service with just one phone call.

After you’ve ordered your service and scheduled your installation, a certified technician will come to your home. Before he installs your satellite TV system, he will examine the site to determine the best place to mount the dish. He needs to make sure there is a clear line of sight from the dish to the satellite that transmits the signal, with no trees or buildings in the way. For most of the continental U.S., this means pointing the dish to the southwest. The technician will discuss possible locations with you. ¬†Usually, he will mount the dish on the roof or an eave, but if any obstructions would block the signal, he will suggest alternate locations with you, or possibly mounting the dish on a pole. If a pole mount is necessary, it will usually cost extra. Pole mounts are rarely needed, though.

After deciding the best place to mount the dish, the technician will assemble the dish and the mounting hardware. When mounting the dish, he will make sure it is completely level.

The next step in the installation of your satellite TV system is connecting receivers (set top boxes) to your TVs. After this, the technician will plug the receivers into your wall outlets. Then he will connect the receivers to the dish with coaxial cable.

Once your satellite TV system is fully connected, the technician will switch one of the TVs on, and will wait for it to bring up the signal meter screen. If necessary, he will re-point the satellite dish. The signal meter screen will tell him if the signal is strong and reliable. If he needs to, he will keep adjusting the dish until the signal meter screen displays the desired signal strength.

After confirming that your dish will bring in a strong and reliable signal, the technician will test your satellite TV system by switching on each of your TVs. He will then show you how to work the remote controls. He will pick up his tools, clean up any trash he may have left on the premises, and present the paperwork for your signature.

You are now ready to enjoy your satellite TV system.