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The DirecTV Genie: What’s in it for you?

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DirecTV’s Genie is one of the most advanced satellite or cable TV receivers available anywhere. The only receiver we know about that will surpass it is Dish Network’s Hopper, chiefly because of the Hopper’s Auto-Hop feature, which enables skipping of all the ads in a prime time lineup automatically.  In all other respects, the  Genie is at least the Hopper’s equal.

By itself, the Genie will record up to shows shows at once. When combined with Genie Minis, it will record up to eight shows at once, and you can schedule your recordings up to two weeks in advance. You can even even start watching any recorded show on one TV, and finish watching it on another. Like TiVo, the Genie will recommend new shows based on what you already watch. If you tune in to your shows after they start, you can restart them from the beginning- a feature available from very few subscription TV providers. Like any other  DVR, the Genie can pause and rewind live TV, and it will store up to two hundred hours of HD video.

With wireless Genie Minis, you can eliminate cable clutter in your home. They connect to the Genie via a free Wireless Video Bridge, so you won’t need additional cable outlets to connect additional TVs. With the wireless app, you can even watch TV in the garage, the patio, or in other places outside your home.

The Genie comes with TV Anywhere apps that will transfer video from your home TV to your mobile devices such as laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones. You don’t have to be at home to watch TV.

The Genie is available only with DirecTV service. DirecTV has an outstanding record for customer service. In 2014, it was ranked first among all cable or satellite TV providers in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, and it has been ranked ahead of all cable TV operators for fourteen years in a row.

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