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Alexa, Play My Hopper

“ALEXA, PLAY MY HOPPER” Machine Learning in the Home You may have heard of Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence app. Amazon markets it as an “intelligent personal assistant”. Built into the Amazon Echo device, it brings machine learning into the home….Continue Reading →

Cloud DVR Coming to Sling TV

CLOUD DVR COMING TO SLING TV Sling TV, Dish Network’s semi-independent internet video streaming platform, took the TV industry by storm when it debuted last year. For the first time, a major player in the pay TV industry was offering…Continue Reading →

Kids Channels added to Sling TV

KIDS CHANNELS ADDED TO SLING TV Sling TV wants your children. Dish Network’s streaming video platform announced two weeks ago that it will carry an on-demand channel to reach parents seeking child-friendly entertainment for their offspring. Titled Sling Kids, the…Continue Reading →

4K Netflix on Hopper 3

4K NETFLIX ON HOPPER 3  When Dish Network launched the Hopper 3 early this year, the new receiver did not create nearly the media sensation that the original Hopper did. This doesn’t make the Hopper 3 insignificant, though. It offers…Continue Reading →

Netflix: Look Out For AT&T

NETFLIX: LOOK OUT FOR AT&T AT&T, the second-largest wireless service in America, wants to be involved in virtually every aspect of your life. It already handles pay TV, wireless phone and data, wired internet, and home automation services. It will…Continue Reading →

Sling TV Antenna Discounts

SLING TV ANTENNA DISCOUNTS Last year, Dish Network launched a semi-independent internet video streaming platform. Called Sling TV, the spinoff company attracted heavy coverage in the technical press, and its subscriber base grew rapidly. It hasn’t released any subscription figures since…Continue Reading →