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Multi-Gigabit Broadband: AT&T Blows Past Records

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Multi-Gigabit Broadband: AT&T Shatters All Existing Speed Records

We’re hearing a lot about wireless internet lately. The press can hardly contain its excitement over the newer wireless systems. Meanwhile, cable and fiber internet providers, with far less fanfare, have been upgrading their networks. And they’ve dramatically increased their premium service tiers top speeds in their premium service tiers. For example, AT&T announced that it will provide multi-gigabit speeds in some markets. Some customers will see download speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second.

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AT&T is not the only fiber internet service provider. But it is the first to blow past the previous speed record for residential internet service: 1.2 gigabits. Google, Verizon, and Comcast have announced plans for 2 G networks, but only AT&T has begun offering any.

Other providers undoubtedly will follow, but we don’t know when.

Last Sunday, the telecom giant said it will offer 2 G and 5 G speeds in 70 markets. Most will be dense urban areas. All will be neighborhoods that have gotten 1 G service.

AT&T calls the new service tiers “symmetrical”. This means top upload speeds will equal top download speeds.

For residential customers, AT&T will charge $110.00 per month for 2 G service, and $180.00 per month for 5 G service. Businesses will pay more: $255.00 per month for 3 G service, and $395.00 per month for 5 G.

Who will get multi-gigabit service?

AT&T says it will make the upgraded services available to 5.2 million of its 16 million fiber broadband customers. Other customers will have to wait a few months for multi-gigabit service because AT&T needs time to complete its network and software upgrades.

In addition, the new service tiers will come with WiFi 6 access. In late 2020, AT&T released a gateway compatible with WiFi 6 networks, which have far higher capacity, and can serve more devices, than standard WiFi.

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