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Save Money on Streaming Video for Prime Day

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Save Money on Streaming Video for Prime Day

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If you’ve hesitated about subscribing to a video service, this may be the time to stop waiting. For Prime Day, several internet service providers offer free or discounted streaming video to new customers. If you want to save money in video, now may be the best time.

Prime Day will begin on Monday, June 21 and end on Tuesday, June 22. Some providers, though, have already begun offering their Prime Day discounts and free services.

How much can you save?

Here are a few of the better offers available:

Free HBO Max with some AT&T Unlimited internet plans: HBO Max usually sells for $15 per month. But now you can get the video package free for a year with a new subscription to AT&T’s Unlimited Elite wireless plan or its fastest 1 Gigabit internet plans.

Note: AT&T offers only one free HBO Max subscription per internet account- regardless of the number of lines.

Free Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu with selected Verizon Unlimited Plans: With its most recent internet service plans, Verizon offers the ‘Disney Bundle’. This is Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. The combination normally sells for $14 per month, but will be free for a year with any Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited plan.

Two free months of Sling TV with Verizon: Sling and Verizon have joined to offer Sling TV Blue or Orange for new or existing Verizon customers. However, only new Sling TV subscribers qualify.

Sling TV Orange usually sells for $35 per month, as does Sling TV Blue. This is for a package of 32 live channels in Orange, or 45 channels in Blue. In addition, either package entails access to thousands of on-demand titles.

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Free Discovery+ with selected Verizon internet plans: Discovery’s video streaming service usually sells for $7 per month for the ad-supported version, and $5 per month for the ad-free version. For certain new internet service customers, though, Verizon offers Discovery+ free for a year.

Qualifying for this promotion requires a new subscription to a select Unlimited plan, FiOS Home Internet, or 5G Home.


You may qualify for other discounts or free premiums. To save the most in video or internet service, shop with Bundle Deals. Compare all providers and plans available where you live, then order any service with just one phone call. Call today.

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