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Could You Upload Your Mind to the Web?

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Could You Upload Your Mind to the Web?

This may seem an odd question, but could you transmit your mind through the internet? You obviously couldn’t do it now, but will technology advance enough that you could do so in the future?

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 The FCC Acts

According to some experts in communications technology, you might have this ability within ten years. The FCC has approved the granting of experimental licenses for exploring ultra-high-frequency spectrum bands that will be the foundation for 6G internet. Some would call this measure premature. After all, 5G internet has barely reached the market in primitive form, and won’t be available in any but the most densely populated urban areas for two years.

Still, many in the communications industry believe there’s no harm in looking far ahead, and the FCC seems to agree with them. Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman, called the opening of the new spectrum- a massive 21 gigahertz of bandwidth- “groundbreaking”. Pai said, “This will give innovators strong incentives to develop new technologies using these airwaves while also protecting existing ones.”

Another commissioner, Brendan Carr, said, “We don’t wait around for technologies to develop fully before unlocking spectrum so entrepreneurs have the incentives to invest and experiment.”

What New Technologies Will Terahertz Spectrum Bring?

And what would this investment and experimentation lead to? Among other possibilities are: navigation and collision avoidance systems for driverless cars; robotic surgery; virtual reality for training and education, remote operation of factories; extremely sensitive but non-intrusive sensors and scanners; and such advanced web communication that it operates “at the speed of cognition”.

In other words, our machines could handle so much data, so quickly, they could replicate the functions of the human brain. With this processing power combined with neural sensors, the possibility of transmitting one’s mind through the web isn’t so far-fetched.


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