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With AT&T Fiber Internet, Get Free Apple TV

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With AT&T Fiber Internet, Get Free Apple TV

If you want Apple TV, now may be the perfect time to get it. Through the end of February, AT&T is offering free Apple TV 4K sets for new subscribers to its fiber internet service. These TV sets, with 32 gigabytes of storage capacity, typically retail for about $170.00.

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free Apple TV through AT&T Fiber Internet

The free Apple TV 4K comes with enrollment in the AT&T Fiber 300 or the AT&T Fiber 1000 plan.

The Monthly rate for Fiber 300 is $70.00; the rate for Fiber 1000 is $90.00. With Fiber 300, the customer gets a monthly data allotment of one terabyte (1 TB), with a $10.00 charge for each additional 50 GB. The Fiber 1000 plan comes with no data cap.

The offer is available only in neighborhoods with AT&T Fiber Internet systems.

AT&T recently offered deep discounts on Apple 4K 32 GB TV sets for new DirecTV Now customers who prepaid for three months of service. That promotion has ended.

Other AT&T Services

AT&T, the largest telecom in the U.S., offers a wide variety of communication services: satellite and internet video, internet, home security, and phone.

AT&T’s satellite TV service is DirecTV. Its dedicated internet video streaming platform is DirecTV Now. The latter does not require a satellite dish, installation of proprietary equipment, or long term commitment, and is compatible with almost every known streaming device, smart phone or tablet, or computer operating system, as well as some smart TV sets.

The telecom giant also has the most extensive telephone network in America, and advanced high-speed internet systems in almost every major city..

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